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The tight budget and time constraintswere no match for IwamotoScott, who created a series of shared spaces within the three-floor warehouse. The main floor was to serve as a showroom, so the architects cut away part of the second floor, creating a double height space for the showroom, with mezzanine on the second.  The third floor, which had been open with a mezzanine, was closed off. The metal grating that lines the railings that overlook the first floor were recycled from metal railingsremoved from the third floor.

The new second floor offices are wrapped in PolyGal, a translucent material that allows natural light to flood the floors while creating a feeling of openness. IwamotoScott’s workspace is separated by a custom built BookCaseScreenWall. The laser cut sheet metal walls function as privacy dividers, as well as diagonal shelves for storing books and magazines. It’s fish scale like design is also a primary design accent for the office.

With the tight budget, the architects splurged on Obsura’s beautiful box conference room. Inlayed with gorgeous black bamboo, the box rests within the open space on the second floor mezzanine, overlooking the showroom below through a wall size glass curtain. The interior of the conference room pays tribute to the building’s industrial origin, clad in raw wood.

The Obscura Digital office is a gorgeous feat of redesign for IwamotoScott, who also get to enjoy the fruits of their labor each day when they go to work.

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