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Plantable consists of four potted table legs attached to a recycled English oak top. Each leg is hand bent and fillet brazed into a twisting trellis for greenery to grow upon. Simply plant and water your favorite climbing vine such as tomatoes or sweet peas in each pot, and watch them slowly grow around the table.

The piece calls attention to the distance we put between ourselves and the food we eat. Vegetables often go through processing and manufacturing before they are set on a dinner table. Plantable not only showcases organic and sustainable growing processes – it also reconnects diners with the fun and beauty of the environment and what we eat.

Founded by Liam Healy and Jamie Elliot, JAILmake’s designs often comment on our relationship with nature. They use in-house resources and employ local ccraftspeople to make nearly every creation with local and sustainable materials. Priding themselves on craftsmanship, the designers have made everything from sculptures and furnishings to engineering mechanics and even electronics.

JAILmake’s massive workshop is located in Southeast London, and their compelling environmental pieces have been exhibited all over the U.K.

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