Installing grassy facades on urban buildings are a great way to create a greener city. With this in mind, London-based design studio JAILmake has developed these ‘Reseeding Bricks’, which can be used to build living structures and pathways. Packed with lots of different seeds such as herbs, wild flowers, and trees, the clay and soil bricks can be used to fill up holes in walls or stacked on top of each other to create new constructions. Designed to encourage ‘arbortectural’ growth in London, these bricks offer a brilliant way to create a greener urban landscape.

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Each seed-filled brick is made and packed in what the JAILmake studio dubs a 1sqm ‘Brick replacement service’ factory in London. Selected to be part of Grand Design’s ‘Green Heroes’ exhibit which will take place next month in the capital, the team’s work will be showcased along with some of Kevin McCloud‘s favorite creative environmentally-friendly products and new eco-technologies that aim to improve green housing design. So check out the Grand Design’s exhibit on May 5 through 13 to take a closer look at JAILmake’s awesome idea.

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Images courtesy of JAILmake