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New Taipei City Art Museum, James Law Cybertecture, art museum, taipei, design competition, bubble filled cube, sustainable building

Matter exists in three states. A solid is a state in which matter maintains a fixed volume and shape. Liquid is a state in which matter fits inside a fixed volume, but can vary in shape, and a gas is a state in which matter expands to fit whatever volume is available. This proposal for the NTC Art Museum is a representation of the three states of matter. Shaped as a cube, the museum is 11 stories high and divided into three zones: the contemporary museum, the children museum and library, the administration zone. The bubble cladding wraps the exterior and into the interior of the art museum.

An internal void shaped like three trumpets arranges the circulation and encourages natural ventilation via stack effect to eliminate hot air up and out of the building through gaps in the bubbles. Natural daylight enters the space on the south facade and in through skylights in the roof. Rainwater is captured via the facade and percolates down to a cistern where it is reused for non-potable purposes along with recycled greywater. Radiant cooling and ice storage air conditioning provide energy-efficient climate control while on-demand escalators reduce energy use. Outside, solar panel lamp posts and wind turbines are installed to generate renewable energy for the site and promote a more environmentally friendly environment.

This proposal by James Law Cybertecture was one of 5 honorable mentions in the competition awarded right behind the three winning shortlisted entries.

Via ArchDaily