The British design team JAMESPLUMB is known for its ingenious one-of-a-kind furnishings and interiors created from antiques, cast-offs, and found objects. We were struck by these beautiful and useful chests of drawers made from vintage suitcases. Each suitcase is repaired and relined, and sets are installed in antiqued cases of steel and wood that are custom-built to fit the suitcases’ dimensions.

james plumb, antique, vintage, recycled, upcycle, suitcase, chest, drawers, bureau, design

JAMESPLUMB is the business name used by Hannah Plumb and James Russell, a team of artists “who work with the overlooked and discarded,” as they put it on their website. They create their assemblages and commissioned interior designs by combining their skills in art and craftsmanship to bring new life to old objects. They also produce limited-edition luminaires, or lighting designs that take their inspiration from the vintage look-and-feel of their interiors and assemblages.