There’s no reason you shouldn’t allow yourself a little recharge when it comes time to power up your EV. To cut overall costs, ten Japanese companies will begin installing electric vehicle chargers at the sites of beverage vending machines. So far the plan calls for 10,000 vending machines to be installed with chargers, but backed by Forking Co., a major vending machine operator, there is the potential for up to 1.2 million machines (half the national total) to do double duty.

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In addition to Forking Co., the plan’s consortium includes Panasonic Electric Works, who will develop and produce electric vehicle chargers with rivals. The first stage of the project is slated to begin on Monday, and the charging machines will be installed where soft drink vending machines already exist. In addition, SoftBank Telecom and SoftBank Mobile are due to provide telecom services to connect the charging systems.

The new initiative is without question a positive sign that gas guzzlers are on their way out and EVs are the future.

Via Physorg

Lead photo © AKX_