Japanese artist Saeri Kiritani has been playing with food for many years. But it was only recently that she was recognized for her work and named one of the winners of the National Portrait Gallery competition of 2013. Entitled ‘100 Pounds of Rice’, this delicious self-sculpture uses over 1 million grains of rice and even has hair made from rice noodles!

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Measuring 5-feet tall, Kiritani’s creation was made by gluing the rice and noodles together. She said the decision to make it from the cereal grain stemmed from the fact that—because she is Japanese—rice is a big part of her diet and body. Her artwork also embodies the famous saying “You are what you eat.”

The piece will be on show at the National Portrait Gallery until February 2014.

+ Saeri Kiritani

Via Spoon & Tamago

Photos by Paul Roberts