In the same way that we have backup batteries for our cameras and computers, the Japanese government has recently unveiled plans to develop a whole new city that will act as a backup for Tokyo in the event of another crippling earthquake. The last earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused major problems in Tokyo for weeks, often leaving people without power despite cold temperatures. So the government has proposed to develop a parallel universe, as it were, just 300 miles west of the existing city, in order to prevent a replay of this unfortunate scenario.

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The backup city called (somewhat disappointingly) IRTBBC or Integrated Resort Tourism, Business, and Backup City will be built on a 1,236 acre site outside of Tokyo. Its main function is to ensure that government business can carry on as normal, but offices, resorts, casinos, and parks will also be made available. IRTBBC is slated to accommodate 50,000 residents and 200,000 workers from nearby Osaka and will include a massive 652m office tower!

While this is a really clever idea that makes some sense for Japan given the earthquake, we hope all of the world’s major cities won’t start making similar plans. It’s not like we don’t already have 7 billion people on the planet fighting for space!

Via World Architecture News