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The building festivities celebrated LEGO’s 50th year in Japan. Using ivory pieces, kids of all ages gathered in workshops in six different locations to assemble the dream landscape. Once each work group put the finishing touches on their assigned islands, the finished products were assembled together on a blue-clad floor of a convention center in Tokyo, creating the giant oversized map.

Drawing upon the hope and promise of rebuilding as their inspiration, the groups created a soaring LEGO topography of elegant spires, radio towers and busy skylines, populating each of Japan’s regions. Amidst the towering white structures, the participants also created green spaces within each city scene. In addition to the decked-out Japanese islands filled with futuristic cities, the group also used thousands of LEGOs to created a cityscape in the shape of he number 2012. The completed map stretched almost 82 feet along the floor of the Tokyo International Forum exhibition hall.

The gorgeous map is also part of the Piece of PEACE exhibition, which highlights models of World Heritage projects built with LEGOs. The map of Japan is one of the largest LEGO projects we’ve seen so far!

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