Many of the survivor stories we have heard from the 2011 earthquake and and Fukushima disaster in Japan involve worrying levels of radiation – but now we have a happy fish tale to tell. A small fishing boat thought to have washed out to sea after the tsunami struck the coast of Japan has recently washed up on the Washington coast, and with it, a small striped beak fish that survived the 5,000 mile trip from Japan to the United States!

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The small striped beak fish normally found in shallow Japanese waters was discovered in a bait box on the boat, where it fed off other organisms in order to survive the epic two year journey that ended in Washington state, The Guardian reports. There is no reason to believe the fish is anything but healthy, and now it is something of a celebrity in Oregon, where it is on display in an aquarium.

Via The Guardian

Screen grabs of the striped beak fish taken from The Guardian video