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The project boasts dozens of sustainable features, including RFID-activated heating/cooling and lighting systems that can be programmed by the employees themselves. Energy efficiency is strengthened through the use of a Peri-buffer system, which creates a thermal buffer zone around windows to reduce air-conditioning loads in low-occupancy building zones. These mechanisms are powered by energy collected from roof-mounted photovoltaics, wind turbines and geothermal heat utilization. Rainwater harvesting and a well water treatment system used for toilets and urinals reduce the building’s water use by 35 percent. The slanted roof panels allow for natural ventilation, daylighting and temperature control.

The building will facilitate research and development of green building technologies implemented in the company’s construction projects. As one of the world’s highest performing buildings, the Techno Station of the Technical Research Institute teaches valuable sustainable lessons and will act as a beacon of energy efficient construction practices.

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Photo by Kudo Photo