Residents of Japan are still feeling the effects of the tsunami and earthquakes that hit earlier this year, but Japan’s trading house, Mitsui and Co., is hoping to bring some hope to the dire situation by building large-scale solar plants capable of supplying energy to 30,000 households. The investment by Mitsui is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and construction is expected to kick off next March.

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Mitsui’s endeavor hopes to revive Japan’s tsunami-damaged northeast coast. The company’s plan would create thousands of jobs and boost the power supply in the region, which is still struggling to meet capacity in the wake of the ongoing nuclear crisis at the Fukushima plant.

Sources report that Mitsui has already begun scouting potential locations with local authorities and the Tohoku Electric Power Company, but a Mitsui spokesman said Wednesday, “We are considering construction of mega solar power plants in Japan, but nothing concrete has been decided.”

If constructed, the plant will have the capacity to generate 100,000 kw of clean electricity for distribution to 30,000 Japanese homes.

Via Physorg