The brochure for the Japanese domestic market Toyota Prius C was just leaked ahead of the vehicle’s official intro at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, giving us a sneak peak at its real-world numbers. Japan’s Prius C retains many of the styling details we saw in the Detroit auto show concept car unveiled last year, but it’s Yaris-small and claims a combined output of 100 horsepower from its hybrid drivetrain.

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On the Japanese fuel economy scale, the Prius C scores a pretty nice 83.3 miles per gallon, though the U.S. system for rating fuel economy will change those numbers a bit. Still, those aren’t bad digits for a Prius, and we’re happy to report that the Prius C seems to have become a little prettier to look at in the last few months. Small hybrids like the Prius C and Honda CR-Z hybrid automatically can pull better performance out of their tiny engines and motors because of their light weight, so expect improved performance out of this little guy as well. Viva la micro hybrid!

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