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Architecture, green roof, Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter, Gullesfjordbotn, norwegian design, norway, isolated building, national park, concrete shelter, exposed pipe works, snow, truck weight control, recycled aluminum window

During the winter time, the only feature of the truck inspection station that is visible is the brightly painted orange facade. Measuring 3,315 sq ft, and boasting a green roof for improved insulation, the station is sporadically used and has a capcity to accomodate 3-4 workers at a time. The building is situated at a key junction that connects the mainland to Vesterålen Island, and the designed was the result of an increase in heavy loads being transported.

Made from concrete, glass and recycled aluminium window frames, one side of the station shields the building from the artic winds, while the other lets natural light permeated the interior space. The station is minimal but bright, with exposedpipe works that meander across its concrete walls.

Strong, visible, green and bright, Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter’s shelter will stand firmly for many years to come.

+ Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter

Photo © Nils Petter Dale