Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter (JVA), Energy Efficient, Rabot Tourist Cabin, Norway, local wood, hikers shelter

The Rabot Tourist Cabin is named after French glaciologist and geographer Charles Rabot, who thoroughly explored the mountains in the area. It stands 3,940 ft above sea level and is one of many DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) lodging facilities scattered around the country. With a capacity of around 30 beds divided into seven bedrooms, it also features two restrooms, a dining room, a mezzanine with a kitchen underneath, and storage rooms for food and firewood.

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Designed for extreme weather, this mountain shelter was built from thick, locally cut timber boards that are treated with ferric sulfate for a grey, naturally aged aesthetic. Because it’s only reachable on foot or on skis, the architects installed solar panels for electricity and two efficient wood burners heat up the space.

+ Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter (JVA)

Via Arch Daily

Photos by Svein Arne Brygfjeld, Jan Inge Larsen, Einar Aslaksen