Northern Stockholm, Sweden, is the home to an unused green space with the potential to be converted into housing or recreational space. Järva Stadspark is a proposal to do both.

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Commissioned by the Stockholm Center party and planned by Anders Berensson Architects, Järva Stadspark gives new life to a mostly-inaccessible space in the middle of a developed region. The green area sits between several suburbs, so designers propose converting it into a park. However, this park not only connects the suburbs but provides a space for recreational activities. The green design will extend from the ground to the rooftops of the incorporated new city district. 

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More developed buildings behind older ones

While developing an undisturbed area can hardly be labeled as a solution for the problems associated with urban sprawl, doing so with a focus on accessibility and maintaining green space is an example of how we can approach the housing crisis and balance the needs of nature.

View of the terrace

Moreover, the new central park will blend leisure activities with recreation and housing. It will connect the nearby suburbs of Rinkeby and Kista to a new district that will feature gardens from ground to rooftop. Additionally, connected roof terraces will create a multi-level hill of green spaces. 

A ski slope outside the city

The park plan calls for a series of connected paths for walking and riding bikes, as well as a speed-controlled road. The area contains a hill called Granholmstoppen, where additional elevation will be added and converted into a ski and mountain bike slope. 

Aerial rendering and plan for the area

The existing waterway, a stream known as Igelbäcken, will also be tapped for a new lake that can be used for swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter

Rendering of the future city project

The park will also be equipped with sports fields and trails for other activities such as running, cycling, horseback riding and skiing in the winter. For gathering spaces, the design calls for shelters, food grilling areas and an outdoor amphitheater.

The city section of the development will be made up of a range of wood building sizes that will provide around 12,000 apartments and 140,000 square meters of office and business spaces. 

+ Anders Berensson Architects

Images via Anders Berensson Architects