LEGO maniac Jason Allerman has used his enthusiasm for the toy bricks to create a fully functioning computer keyboard. Using over 1,500 LEGO pieces, Allerman transformed a discarded broken keyboard into a colorful upcycled version. Not only will the resulting keyboard inspire any tech-loving adult or child, but it can also be used on any computer.

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Allerman is no stranger to feats of LEGO greatness. The mega-enthusiast has revealed his love of the bricks through his website JK Brickworks, which explores a whole variety of innovative projects. Allerman first got the idea of building a functioning keyboard from LEGOS in 2005, but then shelved the idea to work on other projects.

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His interest was revived when he stumbled across a discarded keyboard at the side of the road. Picking up the broken keyboard, Allerman decided to upcycle the piece with LEGO keys. To begin, he built a frame that allowed the LEGO keys to float above the membrane. Allerman then sourced characters, numbers and symbols directly from LEGO, improvising on those that weren’t available from the company. The LEGO master says his upcycled keyboard works just as well as a new one, and was even more fun to make.

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Via Daily Mail