Much like tile setting, de Riba’s artworks require patience and a meticulous attention to detail. Working like a screen printer, the artist moves left to right, top to bottom, completing sections of tiles layer by layer. He first paints a large square or rectangular white base before moving in with stencils and colored spray paints or paint rollers.

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From de Riba’s website: “With each new endeavor, his restlessness brings him to question his personal style, and reinterpret it to best serve each project. For Javi, each piece challenges his aesthetic, driving him to try new styles and techniques while balancing his existing abilities with his desire for growth and exploration.” Javier de Riba currently works at Reskate Arts & Crafts Collective, where he is involved with graphics and communications projects that focus on sustainable and humanitarian themes.

+ Javier de Riba

Via Colossal

Images via Javier de Riba