Jay Watson is certainly no stranger to innovative repurposed design, but his new line of “Just Desserts” lamps are his sweetest creations yet. The playful lamps put a new spin on something we’ve all encountered at grandma’s house: the ubiquitous candy dish. Scouring flea markets and second hand shops, Mr. Watson is giving these discarded pastel-tinted candy dishes a new, modern-day purpose.

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“Let There be Light” must have been the unofficial motto of this year’s London Design Festival. Magnificient lamps of all shapes, sizes and repurposed materials were the highlight of the massive design exhibition where eco-artists such as Sarah Turner, Natalie Simpson, Kyla McCallum and of course, Jay Watson, shone bright during the week-long event.

Speaking about the raw materials for his new line, Jay says: “Rather than being filled with dubious concoctions of tinned fruit and custard, they have been reincarnated and filled with light.” Not only is the entire Just Dessert line made from repurposed materials, but the ceiling pendants as well as the table lamps are energy-efficient thanks to the bright LEDs inside. The 75,000 hour bulbs (2700K, 95CRI) are connected through a wooden and aluminum fixture bonded to the glass dishes. The result of Mr. Watson’s creativity and dedication to finding new use for abandoned materials is a line of multi-colored lamps that give a sentimental nod to nostalgia while simultaneously bringing a sophisticated and modern touch to eco-friendly lighting design.

+ Jay Watson

Images courtesy of Jay Watson