When Al Gore went vegan, no one was particularly surprised that the long-time environmentalist aligned his diet with his convictions. But Jay Z and Beyoncé’s decision to switch to plant-based meals has gotten the world listening to more than their tunes. The famous couple began the “22 Days Challenge” this Tuesday, pledging to cut out all animal products from their diet for “a spiritual and physical cleanse.”

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Jay Z announced his mission to eat only vegan meals for the next 22 days on his website, Life + Times. The Challenge, inspired by his good friend and exercise psychologist Marco Borges is an attempt at personal growth before the rapper’s 44th birthday. The diet ends on Christmas, but hopefully both Jay Z and Beyoncé will find the dishes tasty enough to continue their commitment to eat lower down on the food chain.

While the couple’s idea to go vegan did not mention concern for the environment, letting go of meat and dairy has a lot of positive benefits for the planet. As the world becomes more carnivorous, the Earth is forced to find resources to support the livestock that ends up on the dinner table. A great deal of land is used to grow food that winds up in the bellies of meat animals instead of humans. Sources of water need to be obtained to support livestock, and there is a continuous problem of what to do with large amounts of animal waste. Throw in greenhouse gas emissions coming from countless extra digestive tracts, and eating a plant-based diet seems pretty appealing.

Jay Z will post his progress on his website, and hopes that a few awesome cooks will share their vegan recipes!

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