Why should rich guys have all the fun on the water? That’s the idea behind designer Jeffrey Greger’s new solar-powered catamaran, the Float, which he designed for students and young professionals. The craft is designed for relaxing: up to 4 passengers can recline on a mesh hammock material that is supposed to mimic the feel of sitting on the beach.

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The Float solar catamaran has a solar-cell-packed screen roof, which can be retracted for panoramic views. It is powered by the sun and steered via a gyroscopic handheld controller. But the coolest thing about this little boat is that it folds up to fit inside a standard rooftop car carrier. Greger claims the boat will be affordable, so it could offer a lot of fun to families and friends interested in floating down a river or having a beach party on the lake. We’re not so sure how the solar panels would handle being packed and unpacked repeatedly, but we love the idea.

+ Jeffrey Greger

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