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With years of crafting experience, Collier bonds, waxes an traps paper materials to create a fabric. She also painstakingly stitches the paper together and oftentimes onto objects such as sewing machines, binoculars and lanterns.

However, Collier’s process begins first with scouring thrift stores and charity shops for inspiring material. Most often a poem or single quote will provide her with ideas to animate a new design.

Each of Collier’s pieces are one-of-a-kind unique, and oftentimes inspired by their wrapping material. Cameras are covered in maps and postcards to echo the travels it may endure, and typewriters are neatly wrapped in a romantic novel or sonnet. Even shoes are coated with waltzing sheet music. Though each piece is incredibly detailed and wrapped in every single tiny crevasse, the hand-sewn paper leaves a delicate and ethereal finish.

Collier also creates dresses, shoes, and other garments out of the sewn paper. They are non-functional, but are aimed at communicating ideas about recycling and the nature of what we value and throw away. She enjoys working with transient material and making something new and beautiful out of what was nearly disposed of.

Though Collier has exhibited all over the U.K. and has been featured in magazines such as Elle Decoration, Living Etc., Marie Claire, and Country Living, she has not forgotten her roots. She holds craft workshops in local community and health centers as well as in her own workspace called Unit Twelve. The converted barn shared with four other artists is not only a place for children and locals to learn and be inspired, but also serves as an exhibition space for local talent. Here Collier teaches everything from paper mache to weaving and textile techniques.

Surrounded by Collier’s very own creations, students are inspired to create and explore their own projects, and are encouraged to take a second look at recyclable materials in their own home.

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