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Appearing as part of the Artist Project Toronto 2014 art fair, Ilett was asked to transform her signature illustrative style to a work of greenery. Sprout Guerilla, already known for their innovative Mossaic Tyles and Moss Graffiti Kits, utilized her artistic vision to take their DIY moss aesthetics to a new level. The kits that Ilett used contain hypnum sheet moss, which thrives in the shade and indoor environments- like an art fair. The dried and shredded moss is mixed with nutrients, making it easily spreadable and an ideal medium for the artists.

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Illet’s “Hello/Goodbye” is an extension of her illustrative work, except she uses an organic medium instead of traditional pencil and paint. The lush moss in the piece is both art and a living wall. Easily maintained indoors with little sunlight other than through nearby windows, the piece can double as a natural air filter that purifies the ambient air in a home, office or art gallery.

The whimsical moss masterpiece pokes fun at the dominance of technology over nature, offering viewers the option of unplugging and enjoying what nature has to offer.

+ Jennifer Ilett

+ Sprout Guerilla

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