We have to admit, we have table envy. This last month, designer Jens Praet took old issues of Fast Company’s magazine, shredded them, and turned them in to a 6-foot table. We wish we could recycle our work into an awesome functional table too, but we don’t actually print anything, so that wouldn’t work. However, we’re stoked on the concept and think lot of more things should be made from shredded paper.

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Image ©Violetta Markelou

Praet has been making tables and nightstands out of shredded paper for Droog since 2007. Starting at $5,000 a piece, the tables always sell out, so Praet decided to step it up a notch and go bigger. The 6-foot Fast Co table is his biggest piece yet, and you can check it out at the Industry Gallery in Washington, D.C., where it is on view through February 26th.

From afar, the table appears gray and almost concrete-like, but upon closer inspection, the shreds of millions of colorful pieces of paper come alive, like trapped confetti. While Praet’s production methods may be questionable — he mixes clear epoxy with the shredded paper and then pours it into a mold — we still love the concept of furniture being made from recycled paper. Praet also included an aluminum skeleton to maintain the structural stability of the 6 foot table.

+ Shredded Magazine Table by Jens Praet

Lead Image ©Violetta Markelou courtesy of Co. Design