When I think of blown glass, I get a mental picture of those ubiquitous gift shops in quaint tourist towns which, in spite of their varying backdrops, are largely the same. But every once in a while, glass does something gratifyingly unique. jGoodDesign brings something both space-age and retro to handblown glass lighting and accessories. Designer John Goodman considers his designs to be a meeting of the urban vibe of his Greenwich Village studio with the nostalgic wonder of his coastal Jersey childhood.

These Helios Pendant hanging lamps are made with recycled glass and aluminum hardware treated with non-toxic finishes. The Oculus Pendants are made with similar materials, but have a more complex presentation, rather reminiscent of a descending UFO. jGood also makes a tabletop vase in the form of the Oculus. Both are pictured below. It’s nice to see this often homely handicraft donning a contemporary (and eco-friendly) guise.

link: www.jgooddesign.com

via: www.interiordesign.net