One of the biggest things holding back electric motorcycles is their limited driving range – but the Johammer J1 could finally put electric bikes on the map. With a 125 mile range, the Johammer J1 is a stylish bike that allows riders to hit the road and travel far from home.

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Many electric motorcycles have a short driving range because they have limited space for batteries. While the Johammer J1’s driving range is no where near as good as the Tesla Model S’s 300-mile range, it’s better than many other electric motorcycles on the market.

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What also sets the Johammer J1 apart from other electric motorcycles is its unique retro-futuristic design. It may have an electric motor under its skin, but it looks just as mean as the wickedest choppers on the road. The Johammer J1 has a starting price of $31,860.

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