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The original country house was commissioned by the client as a cozy summer house, but once he moved in he felt the space didn’t connect to the beauty of the land. Thanks to JOHO Architecture’s vision, the home now opens up to the outdoors while conserving energy.

The building’s front façade is sheltered by a steel lattice exoskeleton that wraps around either side of the home. This double skin filtering daylight while creating a semi-private enclosed terrace. The wrap-around porch gives the residents a shady place to sit outside without being fully exposed to the elements – which is particularly great during the monsoon season.

JOHO Architecture created an additional patio in front of the enclosed terrace so that residents can enjoy views of the surrounding bamboo forest in the direct sun. JOHO also extended the patio with a wooden ramp for easy access after the client retires. With the simple addition of a steel exoskeleton, the quiet country home was transformed into a dynamic residence that interacts with its lush environment.

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Via Arch Daily