Jamie Oliver is known around the globe as a guy who is passionate about food and, in particular, about food education at an early age. He’s battled for better school lunches, worked to teach kids what’s in their food, and campaigned against childhood obesity. Oliver’s gone one step further by naming May 15 as “Food Revolution Day,” a massive effort to rally people around the world to call for early food education, including growing and cooking their own food.

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Oliver’s Food Revolution began in 2010, when he hopped the pond to America to teach people how to lead healthier lives (via a television show of the same name). Since then, he’s been focused on helping the children of the world get better access to healthy foods as well as the practical information they need in order to maintain healthy diets throughout their lives. With one in three American children already qualifying as being overweight or obese, and worldwide figures estimating that nearly 41 percent of the world’s population will be overweight or obese by 2030, Oliver recognizes the gravity of the situation and is urging everyone to speak up on behalf of the children. Food Revolution Day is a day of awareness, but also of action, as Oliver is urging people around the world to sign a petition that he will present to G20 leaders showing support for mandatory practical food education in schools.

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Like all good social movements, a catchy song can help things along a bit, as well as some celebrity fire power. Oliver’s revolution is backed by a cadre of celebs, including Paul McCartney and Hugh Jackman, who helped musician Ed Sheeran, Oliver and a team of others create a special Food Revolution Day song which features raps by Oliver and Jackman as well as an appearance by the London Youth Choir. Oliver posted the video to his Facebook page, encouraging people to “Watch it. Sign It. Share It.”

+ Sign the petition to demand food education for children

+ Food Revolution Day

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