Remember Jólan van der Wiel‘s amazing stools shaped by gravity? This time he’s used the same process, and a crazy self-made machine, to make some spiky candleholders! The aptly named ‘Gravity Candleholders’ were unveiled at this year’s bustling Berlin DMY at Tempelhof Airport, leaving visitors open-mouthed thanks to its fantastic spiky shape.

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The ‘Gravity Candleholders’ are made from a mix of iron and plastic, that when placed plastic in-between strong magnets creates unique and organic shapes. The method is energy-efficient, and all pieces are off course different, but colors can be modified according to the mix’s pigments. Strange and wonderful, Jólan van der Wiel’s cool candleholders really stood out at DMY Berlin 2012.

+ Jólan van der Wiel

+ DMY Berlin

Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat / Jólan van der Wiel