One intrepid bovine is getting a new lease on life thanks to comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart. A bull escaped from a slaughterhouse in NYC and sought refuge on the campus green at York College in Queens. For some bulls, this might have just been a brief reprieve before heading back on the road to the slaughterhouse, but this lucky bull was rescued by Stewart and his wife and taken to their New Jersey animal sanctuary to live out the rest of his days.

The steer was being unloaded from a truck in queens, but decided to make a break for it. Bystanders spotted the bull running down the street toward the college, no doubt looking for the green pastures he longed for. After starring in a few student videos – and being dubbed Frank Lee, after a prisoner who escaped from Alcatraz – Jon Stewart and his wife Tracy rescued the fortunate bull.


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Stewart and his wife run a farm sanctuary in New Jersey and the couple is currently looking for a good location to start a second sanctuary. We think Frank would make a great ambassador for the new farm.

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