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At first glance the home looks like a single, level mass playing off the gently sloping landscape with the backdrop of Papago Peak. The home is actually a series of smaller offset buildings lined closely together with breezeways connecting the interiors. The result makes the home feel very open and connected to the landscape, without any of its 4,000 square feet being exposed to the intense daytime sun. The floor-to-ceiling glass play in contrast to the heavy walls, and texture abounds with a minimal disturbance of the landscape beyond the walls.

The coolness is achieved in part by the sheer mass of the walls and the attractive sun screen that consists of  small pieces of lumber protruding from the roof. If things do get too hot, a quick dip in the lap pool should be sufficient. The angular outcroppings of the walls are a truly sculptural expression and push the aesthetic quality of working with rammed earth as a materiel.

+ Jones Studio

Via Earth Architecture