There are a lot of famous Star Trek fans out there — Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis and yours truly — but none of us are as rich as King Abdullah of Jordan. The Middle Eastern monarch, who was once an extra in an episode of , has given the green light to a $1.5 billion Star Trek-inspired theme park that will boldly take Jordan where no Gulf state has gone before. While the theme park will not be powered by dilithium crystals, it will utilize green technology in order to lower its carbon footprint.

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All electricity at Jordan’s Star Trek theme park will be provided by renewable energy, while a center will be constructed to educate visitors about the importance and benefits of renewable energy sources and eco-friendly practices like graywater harvesting.

The Star Trek theme park (which I’m hoping will be called The Starfleet Green Academy) will be situated in the Jordanian coastal city of Aqaba and will be spread over a 74 hectare area. It will consist of 17 entertainment zones and a four-star hotel among many other things.

Paramount Reaction and the Rubicon Group are partnering with architectural firm Callison to create the futuristic theme park. According to initial reports, the park will “wow visitors with a 23rd century multi-sensory experience that will incorporate highly advanced visual and sound effects to give the people coming in the park a real-time feel of things. The technology which will go into building the Red Sea Astrarium Park will be unlike any other and they will be truly state of the art.”

We are guessing holodecks, transporters and shuttlecrafts will not become available.

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