Paper is a marvelous material with a complex character – at times a vessel for banal documents and stale legalese, it is also capable of much more expressive forms with a bit of creativity. Case in point: these gorgeous recycled paper lamps recently released by Jordy Fu. Her cloud-sheathed creations break free from the two dimensional realm with dreamlike textures and elaborately layered wisps. Evoking the precise paper-cuts of Rob Ryan and Nikki Mcclure, Fu’s designs are made with a distinct style that is all her own.

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Jordy Fu describes her Cloud Lamps as taking “a simple and sustainable approach to add magic and intimacy to domestic lighting.” Each delicate paper-cut expresses a different motif – one features angels shrouded in clouds and mist, while others elegantly remember long-faded flowers, or the rooftops of a magic world.

True to their flexible medium, each lamp flat-packs to ship, and Jordy includes an energy-efficient soft white lightbulb. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from bedside table lamps to floor and pendant lights, run £90-£250 and are currently available through Jordy’ Fu’s website.

+ Jordy Fu