Artist Jose Agatep gathers glass containers of various shapes and transforms them into incredible terrariums filled with locally grown plants, wild mosses, small stones, soil, and wood chips collected from nearby forests and train tracks. His Philadelphia-based shop The Slug and the Squirrel is enchanted with all sorts of repurposed vases, bottles, and jars found at flea-markets. According to Agatep, the tiny self-contained ecosystems offer “a journey to ancient connections that once existed between humans and plants”.

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Terrariums are perfect little green companions for small homes or office desks. They are very low-maintenance and only need water once in a while — condensation gets trapped on the lid and walls, so a natural water cycle occurs that brings precipitation back to the soil.

Inspired by local, far-away, or imaginary landscapes, Agatep’s terrariums provide a peaceful space to stare at for a moment of tranquility within our busy modern lives. Customers of The Slug and the Squirrel can request bespoke designs and are encouraged to provide photographs or drawings to help bring their idea to life.

Drop by for an appointment at his Philadelphia shop, look at his blog, check his Etsy page, or try your hand at making your own DIY terrarium!

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