Despite the title, there’s nothing lazy or boring about Josh Dorfman’s new tome. The man behind Vivavi and the Modern Green Living directory has succeeded in putting together a comprehensive guide to both fashion- and earth-friendly consumers.

After the success of his Sirius Radio show from which The Lazy Environmentalist takes its title, Dorfman has compiled everything from home decor and cars to cell phones and clothing suggestions for all you greenies out there. And we love his “No guilt-trips. Never any sacrifice.” approach to a well-balanced green lifestyle. “Green, it turns out, can be an extremely stylish color.”

From The Introduction:

“Designers are saving rain forests. Fashionistas are clearing toxins from the soil. Architects are rolling back global warming. A new wave of eco-conscious activists is stimulating fresh approaches to environmental challenges. The market is their arena. Organic cotton, bamboo, and certified sustainable woods are their materials. Hybrid engines and solar power are their technologies. Stylish, high-performing products and services are their tools of change.”

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