New York-based artist Josh Hadar has developed an electric three-wheeler dubbed the E-Trike that not only runs on renewable energy, but it has enough power to hold its own on city streets. Built around a carbon steel frame, the black motorcycle is powered by a Mars Electric motor that can produce an output of 4.8 kilowatts (6.4 horsepower) continuously and 15 kilowatts at a push, allowing the chopper trike to hit a top speed of 45 mph.

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Josh Hadar is known for his customised bicycles and motorbikes, however this three-wheeler, which is about the size of a Smart Car, is in a class of its own. Hadar has installed an Alltrax programmable controller that “reins in” the motor, but it is primarily powered by four 12 volt lead-acid batteries while give the three-wheeler a range of around 30 miles. However, speaking to Wired, Hadar speculates that this range could be doubled with the installation of a lithium nano-phosphate battery pack.

This E-Trike, which is a prototype, is charged from a 750-watt array of six solar panels that are on the roof of Hadar’s studio. The chopper is 8.4 feet long and has a large 20-inch front wheel and 26-inch wheels at the back. Flat out, Hadar says that the bike is capable of 45mph. With even Orange County Choppers rolling out an electric motorcycle, we’re excited to see trends shifting towards classic electric cycles.

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