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The studio apartment is always somewhat of a design challenge, with only one space to work with. JPDA built an amazing wood paneled central station that not only supports a lofted bedroom area but also contains the kitchen, bathroom and tons of storage space. This wooden hub immediately helps separate the studio into three different zones.

With an apartment that has only two windows, JDPA incorporated tons of white and wood to open the space and make it feel lighter. They also removed most of the doors and replaced the empty wall space with sleek and simple compact storage. In fact, there is storage space within nearly every surface of the apartment, including overhead spots and even tucked into the stairs climbing toward the loft.

Minimal fixtures and alcoves built directly into the tile walls make the bathroom appear large and luxurious, even by New York standards! The kitchen also feels super spacious with even more storage and ultra chic appliances offset by brightening white tile.

The apartment and workspace is so clean and modern, one would never guess it was once a dark, closet-less tunnel above the streets of the East Village. With just some fresh design and optimum storage, JDPA makes it look easy, don’t they?


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