Electric vehicles would become much more appealing to the general consumer if they were cheap to fuel. With that in mind, Connecticut-based Green Garage Associates has realized that even better than ‘cheap’ is ‘free’ and is now offering no-charge EV charging ports in convenient locations for the public. The company’s Garage Juice Bar, a custom designed EV charging station, would be sold to parking lot owners to encourage EV drivers to use them over standard high-rise parking lots. Even better for all concerned, the construction of the $3,000-$5,000 EV stations would be funded by government grants. The parking lot rates would then include free EV charging for drivers, benefiting both Green Garage, the parking lot owners and EV owners.

Mark Martin, the owner of Green Garage Associates, said that by having EV chargers in them, parking lots could receive a “green certification” if they met certain environmental construction, energy use and operating criteria. He added that some city councils had agreed to award extra points on their certification scale to garages that offer EV charging, and bonus points – making it even easier to be certified.

Currently, Green Garage Associates has installed several Juice Bar chargers in Cambridge, MA and New Haven, CT. There are also plans to install ten more EV chargers in the San Francisco area and a deal has been signed to install ten in a parking lot near Denver International Airport.

+ Green Garage Associates

Via Green Car Advisor

Image from Garage Juice Bar