Balcon Additionnel, Julien Berthier, transportable balconies, pop-up balconies, prefab architecture, resin, temporary installation, mobile architecture, Paris design

The project involves the use of a small crane that lifts the balcony unit into place. Made out of resin and steel, these rentable balconies are permanently attached to the truck, eliminating the risk of dropping you hundreds of feet to the ground. They can be quickly fitted and removed, giving residents a chance to experience life with a balcony, while not offering them a permanent solution. It is designed to mimic a Haussmann-style balcony found in Paris, and it’s placed against buildings of all different architectural styles.

The Balcon Additionnel can’t be separated from its boom-truck base, and it is merely placed close to a series of building facades in order to be photographed, and not actually attached for use. However, the project proposes an alternative future of housing typologies, one that may become reality in a matter of years.

+ Julien Berthier

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