Frequent travelers rejoice! The more you lug your suitcase from place to place, the more power you can produce for your gadgets. Jung Inyoung’s rolling luggage not only stores your gadgets and toiletries, but also kinetically creates power for your laptop or smartphone.

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Any of us that have been stranded in an airport can attest that they can be virtually devoid of power outlets. As your battery drains, you can count the minutes until your communication to the outside world is cut off. With the savvy and busy traveler in mind, Jung Inyoung’s luggage was designed for the customer who sees an unexpected layover as a chance to catch up on work.

The suitcase is fixed with a big gear on the outside of the wheel and a smaller one on the inside. As the sleek, hard-shelled container is wheeled around, it accrues and stores kinetic energy. Devices can be plugged into the portable battery, which is fed by a charge battery, and an LED light indicates just how much power is stored.

Although the suitcase would likely not fully charge a device, it does provide that extracharge needed when work needs to be done, and there are no outlets are in sight.

Via Yanko Design