Located in the post-war city of Beirut, the designers of Junk Munkez are working hard to turn their city’s trash and junkyard scraps into bold furnishings inspired by their Lebanese roots. Their line, dubbed Knit Knack, uses old washing machine drums that have been cleaned and painted as colorful canvases for fresh new designs.

The drums’ perforations serve as a matrix to embroider various patterns ranging from angular geometric shapes to more organic nature-inspired illustrations. Merging the industrial and traditional, each metal drum is topped off with a bright and soft cushion. And because the drum’s interior is left empty, therein lies a hidden storage space for odds and ends around the house.

Junk Munkez sets out to create products with a green conscience. By giving life to the lifeless heaps of Beirut’s rising metal mountains, they hope that their work will push other Lebanese designers to think green as well. You can find Junk Munkez’s products for sale at L’atelier.

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