As one of Tel Aviv’s most thought-provoking new companies, Junktion, a young, edgy and innovative design studio, is breathing new life into the trash their city has cast aside. Junktion began in 2008 and has made their presence know in the contemporary furniture market with their unique approach to function and unwavering conviction to challenge how people regard junk.

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These designers take everyday objects out of their original context, like these funky lamps made from old rotary telephone heads and electrical parts. Their creative use of reclaimed materials challenges previous ideas of function and infuses them with a new narrative that re-addresses the value of discarded trash and its inherent nostalgia. In their own words, “People love seeing objects in new ways—stuff that makes us think; stuff that makes us act; stuff that makes us laugh.”

Inspired by items from the past, they get their materials from flea markets all over the world. Each piece is handmade and carefully finished to appear natural in their newfound state. These modern chairs made from old bicycle parts conjure fond memories of summer days and sticky vinyl banana seats, while evoking an elegant maturity far from our former adolescent taste.

Junktion is new to the scene and definitely making waves, and we look forward to seeing what is in store for the future of trash all over the world.

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Via Designboom