Were you one of those iPhone 4 crazed, sleepy-eyed people in line at the Apple store this morning? Well if you were, we’ve got the greenest accessory for your shiny new gadget — a bamboo iPhone case! These super-hip cases are made by Portland, Oregon- based Grove and will add a bit of spunk to anyone’s new 4G — or 3G if you’re planning to stay behind the times. They come in 3 flavors: plain case, a series of artist’s designs, or you can even have them custom engraved however you please.

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Although the greenest thing you could do is just stick with your old (now totally obsolete, for shame!) iPhone 3G or other less hip gadget, the least you could do with your new one is try to make it as green as possible. These bamboo cases from Grove are more environmentally friendly than other plastic case options, and cases in general seem to be a good idea as they minimize the likelihood that your precious iPhone will break if you drop it.

Grove cases are hand finished with natural waxes and oils, made from 100% solid bamboo which is a rapidly renewing, carbon eating plant, and to top it all off, comes in packaging that can be re-used as a picture frame! They come in a series of 3 bamboo colors and 7 detail colors.

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