Justin Bieber’s custom-chrome Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid is really hard to miss — especially when he’s driving it well over the speed limit! The teen heartthrob was pulled over last week for putting his Karma’s engine to the test and clocking in at over 100mph. Bieber apparently sped into high gear when a posse of relentless paparazzi started following him on the road.

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Bieber first received his beloved Fisker Karma hybrid for his 18th birthday, April this year. The star quickly customized the vehicle with a $102,000 chrome job, as well as extra LED lights under the grille, making the flashy green mobile visible from blocks away. The highly reflective chrome can practically blind passersby with a flash of reflected sun — which the star probably hoped would deter paparazzi.

But being Justin Bieber, and driving such a flashy car, he attracts A LOT of attention. Just to escape the ascending photographers, the singer was caught almost pushing the Karma to its 125 mph limit — speeds double the legal limit.

Despite the situation, and his commendable choice of choosing an eco-friendly ride, Bieber was still slapped with a citation for reckless driving down the 101 Freeway. In response, Bieber has reported the photographer who was chasing him to the police, claiming harassment and endangerment.

The Fisker Karma is an eco-step up from Bieber’s last car, a Cadillac CTS-V. The Coupe was just as flashy as his new Karma, having been turned into a Batmobile, likewise for the young star to dodge paparazzi.

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