Justin Timberlake is known for more than his music, films, and dance moves — he is also a big name in the green community. Just last week, he was honored at the Environmental Media Awards for opening his own new eco-friendly golf course called Mirimichi in Tennessee. Justin received the Futures Award for creating the sustainable golf course, which is the first GEO Certified course in America and the first to receive official Audubon Classic Sanctuary certification by Audubon International, a non-profit environmental education organization.

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Over the years, Timberlake has taken many steps towards a greener future by driving a hybrid car and making sure his 2010 international tour was carbon neutral. ” For those of us who travel the world making movies, TV shows, and music, we have to be aware of our carbon footprints,” he said, encouraging other celebrities to follow suit.

A number of actors, movies, shows, and public figures in the media also received awards. The Producers Guild of America was honored for promoting sustainable practice like eliminating water bottles on sets and re-using washable dishes for craft service tables instead of disposables. Billionaire Marc Nathanson was recognized for his waterless urinal design, and even the children’s movie Yogi Bear (Justin does the voice of Boo Boo) won the Feature Film award for its forest conservation message.

With more and more famous faces making an environmental effort, it’s easy to get on board!

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