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The project is located in an existing park. In order to maintain its natural environment without excluding the possibility of building the fire station, the architects decided to elevate part of the greenery and nestle the building underneath. They divided the fire station into two volumes, which they then connected with a bridge that goes through the parking area. The semi-outdoor space allows for a fast reaction to emergencies and easy coordination of vehicles; meanwhile, the landscaped roof keeps the field of view from the adjacent temple on the north side of the site.

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In order to reduce the volume of the building, the architects placed the station office in the basement. The B1 patio open space is connected with the ground level via a circular stair. The façade is made of concrete tiles, while the sculpture of the firefighters in action, located in front of the station, creates a playful atmosphere.

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

Images by Lee Fotografy

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