Every year thousands of broken household appliances are just thrown away and replaced, leading to an alarming amount of waste that often does not get a chance to be recycled. In order to find a solution to this problem, KaCaMa looked at the concept of zero waste and designed Stool Zero, a series of recycled crown seating stools made from discarded plastic electrical housing and recycled fan covers. KaCaMa took apart broken fans sourced from the St James Settlement recycle centre and used the covers for the seat area. The seats are wrapped with discarded electric wire housing that provide comfort and stability. The stool legs are made from salvaged wood from abandoned freight crates. In addition to promoting the idea of recycling, KaCaMa also wanted to raise attention to the importance of craftsmanship. In this day and age of factory manufacturing, the creativity and communal aspect of household appliances and furniture have been overlooked. Therefore, KaCaMa hopes to bring greater appreciation of craft by hand-stitching each seat, creating unique patterns that provide each zero-waste stool with personality.

+ KaCaMa

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