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The mesmerizing interactive space will be housed in Shanghai’s Glass + Park, a trend-setting hub for creatives in the Baoshan District of Shanghai, which is also home to the Shanghai Museum of Glass. The museum is a kaleidoscopic city that teaches children about glass using easy to understand analogies, such as ‘The Beach’, ‘The Circus’ and ‘The Factory’. Children will be encouraged to play and interact safely with the installations to learn how glass works in the design realm. Exhibits show how a prism works, what smart glass is, and how lightning can actually create glass.

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Kids will have the opportunity to engage in a wide of array of touch and play activities – from art to design, performances, films and games – all delivered in smart bite-sized bits of information that are easy for young minds to comprehend. The vibrant, colorful space also includes specialized air filters to provide clean air to museum-goers, undoubtedly to provide refuge from the severe smog issue afflicting the area.

Simple materials, such as plywood and sterling board give the space a street-inspired feel. The museum encourages kids to explore independently with intuition-based discovery. It’s already calling itself “the coolest place to get smart” – and by the looks of it, we tend to agree.

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