Kane Footwear, a leading sustainable active recovery footwear brand, introduced Project Renew, an upcycling program that allows customers to send back their well-loved Revive slip-ons to be transformed into yoga and changing mats. 

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Two yellow shoes with holes and green insoles

In collaboration with Lavarubber, the shoes are shredded into flakes, which are then mixed with a Lavarubber blend that includes wetsuits to create the mats. Each mat incorporates materials that divert five pounds of waste from landfills. 

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Yellow shoes with holes on a black mat

“Lava Rubber and Kane Footwear are focused on providing customers with consciously-made goods, and it was only natural we work together,” said Michael Briody, founder and CRO at Lava Rubber. “We recognize the same positive energy in each other’s business models and knew our collaboration would produce something special. The KANE x Lava Rubber Mat Collection really brings our visions together and translates them into a physical form. Each mat is unique and considered a one of one. We hope the world enjoys these as much as we do!” 

The initiative aligns with Kane’s commitment to sustainability and expands their range of eco-friendly offerings. Customers who participate in the program receive a $10 gift card to the Kane website.  

A yellow slip-on shoes with green sole

The most recent addition to the Kane product lineup is this year’s Earth Day release, a shoe featuring a colorway inspired by the heritage of Brazilian sugarcane, the main ingredient in their Revive slip-ons. The shoes utilize RestoreFoam, a plant-based EVA foam made from over 75% Brazilian sugarcane byproduct, which not only sequesters CO2 during the sugarcane’s growth but also makes it a carbon-negative material.

Black mat with Kane

“Sustainability has always been a core tenet of Kane’s principles, and this latest initiative expands our offerings even further, providing customers with a simple upcycling option,” said John Gagliardi, Kane Footwear Founder and CEO.

Kane is looking into the future of its sustainability efforts with an application for B Corp Certification and a long-term commitment to environmental issues. The company is a member of 1% for the Planet and all packaging is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as being sourced from sustainably-managed forests. 

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