Superstar designer Karim Rashid just unveiled a beautiful new modular lighting system that continues his trek along the path towards greener designs. Dubbed ‘Trex’, the lamp has a soft and stunning aesthetic and utilizes efficient, eco-friendly circline fluorescent bulbs. Perfect as a stand-alone light or dazzling as a clustered constellation, the flexibility of these pieces can add out-of-this-world ambiance to any space.

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Each Trex light takes the form of a hexagonal, soft-edged lamp made of glossy-opal heat-formed acrylic. The contours of the lamp’s heat-molded diffuser act to enhance the brightness of the two low-watt circline fluorescent bulbs within while creating a compelling illumination that exaggerates the shadows on the design surface itself. The lamps feature a flat base which makes installation a snap in any room – whether affixed to the wall or ceiling or set upon a table.

+ Karim Rashid